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I am a final year Computer Science major in the NUS School of Computing.

What gets me going in computing is the satisfaction of having solved a problem, or having created something fun or useful for people. Over the last couple of years, I have dabbled in front-end software development with frameworks like React, Angular and Vue, back-end development in Django, Spring and Express/NodeJS, and even some UI/UX design.

My interests lie in software engineering, as I enjoy seeing the transformation of an idea from its inception into a working product, knowing that the product is a result of my teammates' and my hard work.

I am on still on a learning journey towards becoming a competent full stack engineer! I would say my greatest selling asset is my ability to work well with a team of people, and communicate well with those whom I am working with.

Work Experience

  • B12 MAY 2018 - JUL 2018

    Software Engineer Intern
    • Automated sales and marketing processes for acquisition team using Django backend framework (API integration, web hooks, and updating our internal models.
    • Collaborated with engineers and growth team members on a daily basis to visualize data using Amazon Redshift on Metabase for performance monitoring which was previously done manually
    • Implemented A/B Experiments for the first mile customer experience in the B12 product using React.
    • Implemented a predictive lead scoring model for the sales team to streamline leads using the python scikit-learn
      machine learning library with guidance from mentor engineer
    • Offered remote working opportunity, post eleven-month internship with NUS Overseas College program, as a part-time engineer on the Acquisition team.

  • AWAY NATION MAY 2018 - JUL 2018

    Software Engineer Intern
    •  Worked on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with the founders
    • Development was on a MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js) stack 
    • In charge of implementing certain features from frontend to backend, thus gaining new skills in terms of routing, API calls, and building setting up end-points. 
  • Freelance Project for local startup NOV 2017 – FEB 2018

    Software Engineer
    • Managed the project with a team of four from NUS. 
    • Responsible for UI/UX design from scratch for the web application.
    • Developed a front-to-back end MVP marketplace web application with a MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) stack, in charge of the front-end development
    • Assisted development of Android Studios mobile application
    • Developed skills in project management and gained experience in JavaScript development
  • CUSTOM STACK MAY 2017 - JUL 2017

    Software Engineer Intern
    • Individually developed an Android and iOS QR-Scanning mobile application using Apache Cordova, linking to backend made by teammates using Ionic and Flask
    •  Developed company websites for clients using pure HTML/CSS, Bootstrap and Wordpress

    Gymnastics Coach
    • Planned and developed lessons for gymnastics students
    • Worked with students of ages 3-7, class size 2 to 10 children
    • Developed class management skills

    Intern Baker

    Took on small baking projects and assisted full-time bakers with daily tasks, picked up valuable lessons on working in a fast-paced environment

Projects I've Worked On Individually or With a Team

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